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NH*) "Aero" or "Lead" Scooter
As of January 3, 2009 there's an NH-80 being "parted-out"
Contact Adam for prices and shipping details
email: adambrown792@hotmail.com
I have the whole scooter except the body on the front because it's busted, I have the speedo and all looks good and all motor parts it does fire and was running, I have the seat which has one small tear but in good shape otherwise. It is an 84 model..
My address is 910 alexandria rd. Weaver Alabama.
My cell is (256) 393 4790 if anyone is interested I will take pics for them.

Much of the NH-80 "Owner's Manual" is archived here.

Some official Shop Manual pages are here.

NOTE: As of August 14, 2005 I no longer own an NH80. The Shop and Owner's Manuals went with the scooter, so I cannot scan and upload any more pages. Sorry 'bout that.
The Aero was replaced by a 1984 Honda CH-125 "ELite". Its Website is here.
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